01 Jun 2023

Fiveight partners with Strange Festival to reopen the doors to Carillon City

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In the spirit of connecting Perth’s CBD community and supporting local arts initiatives, Fiveight has partnered with this year’s Strange Festival to reopen the doors to Carillon City from 16-25 June 2023.

Strange Festival will transform Perth’s CBD into an ephemeral hive of unusual installations, exhibitions, and performances over 10 days. Now in its second year, the festival aims to activate vacant spaces throughout Perth with a free-to-see visual arts trail, which last year attracted an estimated 45,000 visitors. Ticketed performances and a pop-up cinema will complement the visual art installations.

Hosting over 20 artists under one roof, Carillon City will be a major hub for the 2023 Festival.

Fiveight Development Director, Brad Martin said the opportunity to welcome Strange Festival to Carillon City during the building’s planning phase showcases Fiveight’s commitment to providing civic and cultural value from the project’s outset.

“Our partnership with Strange Festival allows us to make best use of the project’s planning stage, and demonstrates our revitalist approach by breathing new life into an otherwise unused asset to deliver civic and cultural value to the CBD. This partnership is the first of a broader program of events and initiatives planned for the site and provides a flavour for the future direction of the Carillon City development vision.” Mr Martin said.

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Artists coming to Carillon City for Strange Festival this year include:

  • JESWRI, who’s immersive installation ‘POLYBIUS’ will see visitors step into the forgotten realms of an abandoned retro arcade and navigate the surreal and haunting space that blurs the boundaries between physical and virtual to ponder the transformative power of technology.
  • Di Harnett, who’s painting depicts the exploration of the interconnectedness of all living beings on Earth.
  • Slow Rainbow, who will create a gentle, unconventional, beautifully-coloured, lushly-textured, interactive artspace.

Strange Festival Director of Operations, Glenn Watson said the festival invites people to embark on an adventure into the heart of Perth’s CBD during winter months to discover something peculiar, extraordinary and new.

“Our mission is to showcase the strange and unusual to a broader audience. Strange is an artist-led festival providing opportunity for artists to create without compromise, while casting a light on the forgotten and hidden corners of Boorloo that are often missed with the hustle of daily life. As the cornerstone of Perth’s CBD, we saw this year’s festival as a unique opportunity for Carillon City to reopen its doors,” Mr Watson said.

Fiveight’s partnership with Strange Festival sees the company actively playing a part in achieving its long-term vision to help breathe life back into Perth city and showcase both the city and our artists to the public.

For more information on Strange, visit: www.strangefestival.com.au

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