creating an exciting vision for a new, vibrant community in Binningup

Fiveight has invested in a strategically located 260ha greenfield coastal site in Binningup, in WA’s popular South West tourist region, that has potential to be developed for a mix of residential, retail and leisure uses.

The site, adjacent to the existing Binningup township, already has a nine-hole golf course, which is no longer operational, and features 2.2km of beach frontage overlooking the Indian Ocean.

We believe there is huge potential to create a socially connected community here for future residents, while bolstering amenity, infrastructure and lifestyle opportunities for those who already call Binningup home.

Though this project has a long horizon, we are committed to working closely with residents and community organisations to develop a sustainable, long-term plan for the site, one that creates a vibrant new place in which to live, work and play.


Binningup’s prime coastal real estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Fiveight

Who is Fiveight?

Fiveight owns, invests in, develops and manages meaningful places that connect. Our assets span residential, commercial and industrial property across Australia. Every project and asset in our portfolio has a strong emphasis on quality, sustainability and design. To find out more, please explore our portfolio on the Fiveight website.

What happened to the previous developer?

The site was previously proposed for development by Mirvac under a development agreement with prior landowner Binningup Nominees Pty Ltd. Due to a legal dispute between the two parties, the development did not proceed. We purchased the site in May 2022, recognising the potential to create a unique coastal development with a mix of residential, retail and leisure uses.

About the development

What is the Binningup development?

The Binningup development comprises a 220ha greenfield site−zoned for urban development−which we acquired in May 2022. Located adjacent to the existing coastal township of Binningup, Western Australia, the site has 2.2km of beach frontage and is home to the nine-hole Lakewood Shores Golf Course, which was closed in early 2020. We recognise the site’s potential for a mix of residential, retail and leisure uses and are looking forward to working with the community, Shire of Harvey and other key stakeholders to create a connected and sustainable coastal community.

In addition to this main development site, we own a 6,492m2 residential lot in Lakewood Shores directly adjacent to the main site. In the short term, we intend to develop this into traditional residential lots similar to existing lots in Lakewood Shores.

We also own a 40ha site north of the Binningup township which is zoned for rural use and does not currently form part of our development plans.

Will the project include the development of a marina?

No. Early concept plans by a previous developer identified the potential for a marina to be developed on the site, however the approved Binningup Structure Plan does not provide for a marina.

Will there be any commercial or tourism facilities?

Our proposal includes a village centre that aims to provide improved amenity to support the local community within Binningup. We anticipate that this may include a mix of retail, hospitality, and recreation uses complementary to the community’s needs, the region, and the golf course. There is provision for this within the existing Local Structure Plan. We would like to work with the community as we investigate the scale and detail of this village centre, along with potential tourism uses on the site.

Will Binningup get a primary school as part of the development?

There are currently two sites adjacent to the Binningup Country Club that are earmarked for potential schools–one owned by the Department of Education (DoE) and one owned by Catholic Education WA (CEWA). The decision to build a new public primary school or catholic primary school is made by DoE and CEWA respectively. These decisions are based on various factors such as population size, the number of new dwellings and other demographics, assessed on a case-by-case basis. As our planning progresses, we will engage with the DoE and CEWA to ensure the possibility of a new school is considered as the community grows.

Isn’t there already a Structure Plan approved for the site?

Yes, the previous developer prepared a Local Structure Plan for the site, which was endorsed in 2014, enabling the development of about 1,040 dwellings. We are preparing our own project vision which may entail some changes to the existing approval to ensure it complies with current planning policies and to provide the best development outcome for the Binningup community. The existing Local Structure Plan can be found here.

How many new homes does Fiveight propose?

We are currently developing a vision and masterplan for the project which will help determine the number of proposed new residential lots. While the current approval provides for about 1,040 dwellings, it is still early in the planning phase and we will be reviewing the existing Structure Plan. We hope to deliver a wide choice of lot sizes and housing types, consistent with Binningup’s coastal character and aligned with our project vision.

Golf Course

Is the golf course going to be re-opened?

We are committed to reopening the existing nine-hole golf course as an important community asset. This will take time because the course is run down and requires a lot of work to make it operational. We have engaged the original course architect, Michael Coate, and a golf course consultant to help us return the course to its former glory.

We had originally envisaged that redevelopment works for the golf course would commence in late 2022, however, this has been delayed whilst we refine our strategy and vision. We are keen to ensure the best possible outcome for the project and the community, so we think a little additional time now will pay off later.

Please note, the approved Structure Plan for the land does not provide for a second nine holes to be built so this will not form any part of our future development plans.

Sustainability & Heritage

How will the environment be protected?

We are committed to demonstrating environmental leadership and delivering a truly sustainable development for the Binningup community. The approved Structure Plan identifies 20 per cent of the site being set aside for Regional Open Space and Public Open Space, and most of this will be for the purpose of bushland conservation. This includes several significant dunes and woodland areas on the site.

Several management plans are also required to be prepared as a condition of development to ensure environmental protection and ongoing management.

How will Aboriginal heritage be celebrated as part of the development?

To ensure we are aware of any Aboriginal heritage considerations, we are engaging with the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (SWALSC) and the Traditional Owner groups of the Gnaala Karla Booja region. As development progresses, we will investigate partnerships with members of the Noongar community to celebrate Aboriginal culture in our future development.

Will sustainability be a feature of the development?

The project will be underpinned by a sustainability strategy, which will align with our commitment to net zero by 2030, and the elimination of single-use plastics and modern slavery. Given the project is expected to take 20 to 30 years to deliver, project planning will apply a whole-of-development response (rather than a piecemeal one). We will adopt clear strategies and targets that push the boundaries of present-day thinking, and which can be actively revised as technology and frameworks evolve. We are currently investigating what sustainability initiatives could be introduced to ensure the development is climate and environmentally resilient.


What are the next steps to deliver the project?

We are currently developing our project vision that will inform a masterplan for the development. Our project team is reviewing the approved Structure Plan to identify ways to align this with our proposal. As part of this master planning, we will undertake stakeholder engagement.

While we are reviewing the current Structure Plan, we intend to lodge a subdivision application to develop a first stage under the existing Structure Plan approval. We will need to go through a series of approvals with relevant authorities before we are allowed to progress with lot sales and construction.

What are the proposed access points into the future development?

The primary access point to the site will be via Lakes Parade from the existing township. As a condition of development, we will be required to construct a secondary access road as part of our first stage.

Currently, the approved Structure Plan indicates a secondary access road to the east of the property, connecting to Forrest Highway via Springhill Road. As an alternative, we are also considering providing this second access road from Binningup to Australind to the south, via Leschenault. We have commenced investigations with the Shire of Harvey and our adjoining landowner, noting planning and environmental approvals may be required, and potentially State Government support to achieve this outcome. The Shire of Harvey website refers to this opportunity for better coastline connectivity here: Harvey Region Tourism Road Map 2031

When is work expected to start?

We take our responsibility for ownership of this unique site seriously and for this reason we are conducting an ongoing, extensive consultation process that includes taking into consideration the community’s feedback.

While this means it may take longer to get boots on the ground, at Fiveight we see this process as vital to ensure we deliver a sustainable development that serves current and future generations.

Will the development affect four-wheel drive access to the beach?

We do not own the beach adjoining our site, so we have no power to restrict four-wheel drive access. Any decisions regarding four-wheel drive access falls within the remit of the Shire of Harvey.

How does Fiveight plan to secure the site?

Access to the property is secured via the gates on Lakes Parade. Due to the size of the property and its relative isolation it is difficult to secure all boundaries. The property is inspected on a regular basis, and we are looking at options to prevent access for dirt bikes which create a safety and noise issue for surrounding residents. This will be critical during the redevelopment of the golf course to prevent damage to the fairways and greens as they are re-established.

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Can local businesses join the project as a supplier or contractors?

We welcome expressions of interest (EOI) from local businesses that are interested in working with us. To be considered, you must adhere with Fiveight’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Further information on how to submit an EOI will be provided closer to the commencement of development.

How can I keep up to date about the Binningup development?

We will provide regular updates via email to our list of subscribers. If you aren’t on our list, you can sign up here. You can also read updates on our Fiveight Binningup webpage, where we will post news of main development milestones.

How can I register my interest in purchasing land in the project?

The release of land for sale is still a while off yet but if you are interested in hearing updates about our project progress, including any updates regarding land sales, please subscribe to our mailing list here.

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